is new omegle alternative random video chat site!


Why do people still call Zyzz, ( said like zizz) like Zeeeez I mean I don’t get it, I thought it was just the Americans now Mo Samuel is doing it -.- clearly doesn’t know about Zyzz if he cant even say his name right…

Chuck Norris


Blair Monkman

+Chuck Norris lol ikr

Hokai TV

hes jsut skinny with abs whats the big deal


stop hating, thats a solid physique.. lolol


Hi, I’m Chris Hansen Dateline NBC. Why don’t you have a seat over there?


person at 3:00 was fake af

Israel Morales

Coonor Murphy FTW


Connor Murphy did it first ?

Chuck Norris

Grapefruit or Orange ?

Luis Ivan Leon Quiceno

soy el primero en comentar exelente video


hhaahahaha theres always people in the bottom left of his webcam mirin
why do girls cover their mouth when they see ??


Damian Chrzan

coz their thirsty af 😀
they felt something wet in their panties 😛
2:50 lol did you show for him more!? 😀
 Chuck Norris
The Girl is asking if he can show more 😉
a bunch of 15 years old in there…

nanaya shiki

Zyzz wannabes are gross as fk

Arher Ivra

Whats the SOOOOOONG!!!!!!?

November 18th, 2016

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