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Mo Samuels you are a legend dude, now i am following you and Conor Murphy on YOUTUBE. keep up the good work and consider yourself having a new subscriber. Plz i started going to the gym like for a month now, there is a trainer there and i feel like i should not be under his care anymore i want to have my own program i like your physique that is why i want to now your schedule for workouts i mean what day is chest day? what are the best workouts i can do ? when do i do legs/ shoulders ? i even need eating habits what should eat ? i weigh 70 kg that is 154.3 pounds and i am 19 years old, also my biceps are getting bigger but they are not defined like at all also i have a very big belly even though i do workouts i guess it is due to nutrition, that is about all waiting for your response peace.



Rude Lord

You lost a lot of mass man

Rude Lord

But great video still waiting for the dance tutorial


Loving the omegle vids please do more!

Lauren Tickner

This needs to go viral

Blair Monkman

get closer to the camera you look smaller from far away dude


4:00 that girl pussy must dry asf.

Unknown Truth

muuuuumm !!! muuuuum !! Im shredded ! xD

Maddy :x

This was the best one out of em all! XD Fuaarrkkk

Zeyad Ghoneimy


Aleksa bajic

When he said:”we are the aesthetic jesus” Subscribed Liked Legend

Paco KTZ

nice videos brah, keep the good work and your channel will grow a lot, you’re a real sickcunt


Fawkin zyzz brah page yeee knt

Andre Hawk




- Max -

Awesome man! Make more of these please! Keep up the good work.

Just a guy on YT

Im so glad I found this channel!

Alex Jordan

Mo, I’m impressed with your amount of muscle compared to your natural build. Although you aren’t huge, you’ve got a lot of muscle in comparison to your naturally “scronny” build (my assumption). Best regards from Alaska

Nestor - French Pubstomper

Insane video ! You need more subscribers : your videos and your level of aesthetics are incredible 😀

Joshua Lamke

is that Ariana grande at 3:23

Hirsty Fitness

‘this next one probably wont be as long as the last’, what a teaser


Fawkin zyzz brah page yeee knt

Viking ☠ Radio

what supplements do you use ?

Grammatical Erorr

The fluids from their vagina could fill my tank. Vaping vagina liquid LOL


You just earned a new subscriber. I love videos like this lol. It’s how I found Connor Murphy. I believe videos like these are honestly the best pre workout.


U mad brah 😀

Sergio Alfaro

Do it for guys too ?

November 16th, 2016

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